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Three Ancestors Ago–Reba Matherly Jones (52 Ancestors)

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Reba isn’t my husband’s direct ancestor.  She was his great-grandfather’s, Dillard, second wife.  But there’s something tragic about her.  First, the facts:

  • Born 1905
  • Died 1935
  • I think her parents are Christopher Jack and Florense Matherly
  • My husband is descended from her husband, Dillard, through
  • his son, John Robertson Jones
  • his son

She was right at the same age as Dillard’s prior children.  My husband’s grandfather was only a couple of years older than her.  She was very young when she married Dillard.  In 1910, she’s living with Chris and Florense Matherly.  In 1920, she’s 14, living with, and married to Dillard Jones.  By 1930, she and Dillard have six children.  She’s 24.

By 1935, she’s dead.  You can see a picture of her tombstone here.  I have a photo somewhere.  I’ll add it when I find it.


edited to add:  Found the picture.  Reba Matherly Jones with husband Dillard and seven children.   Wow.  I think this is not too long before she died as there are three boys and three girls standing.  This fits the 1930 census.  One more child after 1930 who seems to be about a year old or less.  I wonder if she was pregnant with an 8th child and died due to complications.  Now to find out where all the children went!

Dillard Jones Family
Dillard Jones Family

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