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B is for Bastard

B is for Bastard.

Aren’t there a few in every family?  Illegitimate children, that is.  So far, in my family, I know of two.  In my husband’s two more.  I have possible names in one case, a nickname in another, but what can be done about it?  Even though all involved are dead, I still worry about putting up theory and supposition in my blog.  Just how long should we worry about privacy and the like?


  1. Once peoples sensibilities mattered about sensitive family things, everyone proper and limited in some respects. Generations out, I vote for writing what you know and letting those who read, decide for themselves if it matters. (Visiting on 2nd day of #Challenge.) Know you will be making new blogging friends.

    • Most are generations out. But one is close still. I think I should wait to write about that particular case, even though finding the person who’s supposed to be the father could mean finding cousins! Thanks much for stopping by!

  2. i love that the b’s in game of thrones have common, natural last names like Snow, Stone, Flowers, etc. they are looked down upon, but as in real life, they are still important characters!!

    happy c day!

    • I like that as well! The fact that they’re always looked down upon bothers me as they had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that their parents weren’t married. Those in my family are quite important! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

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