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E is for Ephemera






is for Ephemera


paper items (as posters, broadsides, and tickets) that were originally meant to be discarded after use but have since become collectibles (

Who doesn’t love it?  I mean, why else would it now be collectible?  I’m always super excited when I come across something that was tucked away, perhaps even as an afterthought then forgotten.  How I love to find my grandparents’ writing as well, on small slips of paper tucked inside books and bibles.

I wonder if anyone has a copy of a newspaper with all of my Papa’s arithmetic from figuring the day’s stock gains and losses.

This post card was addressed to Miss Anna Chandler of Eldorado, NC, from Shirlie Russell.  I think this is Anna Russell Chandler and her brother John Shirlie Russell.  Would he have addressed the card Miss?  I’m not sure of all the words, especially since I’m not familiar with the handwriting.  Does anyone else find the card itself as amusing as I do?

The postmark is January 11, 1913, 4:30PM.  It reads  (I think!):

Hello and how are you

well I hope I am well

Mary has got the measles she

is a getting along all right

and how do you like your

cow? I want you and irvin? (wanon?)

to hery on come over hear

just ? be careful how you

ride your hors? come

when you can

from Shirlie Russell





  1. A little bit of history. I love these treasures.

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