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Church Record Sunday

Several years ago, my preacher brought me the church attendance books. I can’t even remember now what he wanted me to do, other than get a current list of membership. I took it down to mama’s one day so she could look at it and ended up leaving it there. Irresponsible, I know. I remember two books, the current one and one from the 1950s. I did not remember the third.

Because I can’t remember the third, I’m wondering how my mother came to have it. I went down the other week, to get the two books and to finally get around to what I was supposed to do originally (we’re on the next preacher now, so it’s been about five years since I first got the books). There’s the two books I remember, and the third.

03 title pageThe third book is from the 1800s. Records seem to begin in 1888 and run through the 1910’s. I’m trying to figure out just how to proceed. I want digital copies, to help out others as well as for myself. Then the book shall go back to the church, where it should be. I do think the church should consider donating it, but until then, I shall be a careful caretaker and get everything in digital format as soon as possible.

It’s actually for what was, at that time, the Jackson Hill Circuit.  There’s four difference districts listed, each with a line drawn through it.  The churches included are:

  • Jackson Hill
  • Macedonia
  • Rock Springs
  • Lanes Chapel
  • Poplar Spring
  • New Hope
  • Center
  • Pisgah
  • Union
  • New Hope


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