H is for Heirloom

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http://thedotzcompany.com/how-to-videos/ Over the weekend, my friend lost pretty much everything she owned in a fire.  We spent Monday trying to sort through some of the things.  Of course it’s easier to deal with these things when it’s not your stuff that’s damaged from heat, smoke, and fire, but the one area I had a lot of trouble with was the family heirlooms.

The decision to keep heirloom furniture that was only damaged by smoke, soot, perhaps a little heat, was easy to make.  No, it may not be worth much monetarily, but it’s sentimental value is pretty large.

Books were more iffy.  How do you get the smell out of a book?  The only two I considered saving was an 1880 school book and a hymnal from the same time period.  My friend had other books she wanted to try to salvage.

Dishes and china were completely black, the soot baked in.  I don’t see much of a way to salvage that.

I can’t imagine what it feels like to try to find something, anything, that is salvageable. I know it was heartbreaking for her, to lose her pets, her possessions, her home.

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