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I is for Indian Princess

reference I is for Indian Princess

We all  have them, right?  One of your grandmothers was an Indian Princess.  No?  Perhaps just Indian then?  🙂

My supposed Indian Princess is Amelia/Melia/Millie who was perhaps Cherokee.  She was married to John “Jacky” Morris and lived in Montgomery County, North Carolina, in the 1800s.

edited to add:  sarcasm.  🙂


  1. Those Cherokee Indian princess rumors are all made up. It is not a stretch of the imagination though for many people in the US to have Native American and African American ancestry. People in Mexico tend to be a mixture of Spanish and Native American ancestry, and many people in the US also are a mixture of European, African American, and Native American, but not to the extent as in Latin American countries.

  2. There is a DNA test 23andme which will tell people about their ancestry. I really cannot be bothered to pay for this test, but it is good for anyone who wants to know more about their ancestry.

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