A to Z Reflection

http://bloomliteraryjournal.org/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://bloomliteraryjournal.org/read/poetry/joy-ladin/ I’m not sure I can truly call myself an A to Z Challenge Survivor or not.  I certainly missed a few posts.  I started off strong, but in the end, I petered out.  My posts were too long and too involved.  I felt like I was cheating if I posted something short. Will I ever do it again? Absolutely!  I found some new blogs to follow, I enjoyed the challenge, and want to see more activity here anyway. What will I do differently.  I’ll draft more posts ahead of time, instead of doing them each day.  I learned this about half way through, but didn’t keep up.  I still intend to finish each and every letter of the alphabet.  Knowing my OCD self, I’ll post them on the date they were supposed to be released.  I will make a notation below if they were added late.

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