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Church Record Sunday

buy cytotec without a prescription 137--Register of Members--Macedonia--wm

138--Register of Members--Macedonia--wm






Register of Members (Macedonia)

  1. William Brewer
  2. Wilson Russell
  3. Eliza Russell
  4. Margaret W. Morgan
  5. Mary A Hill
  6. Sarah Coggins
  7. Nancy Hearne
  8. Martha Harris
  9. Louisa Kelly
  10. Alsey S. Harris
  11. Sara Harris
  12. Julia Ann Harris
  13. Camelia Hall
  14. Nancy E. Harris
  15. Eliza Hearne
  16. Nancy L. Russell
  17. Margaret Hall
  18. James D. Harris
  19. W. R. Harris
  20. Emma V. Tysinger
  21. Gonuma Morgan
  22. Jesse Usrey
  23. Gray M. Hearne
  24. Joseph D. Morgan
  25. Noah W. Hearne
  26. Martha E. Russell
  27. Louiza Russell
  28. Martha L. Harris
  29. Gillian Russell
  30. Minnie Wood
  31. Margaret Hearne




Regarding names transcribed,  please let me know if there are corrections!

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