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Think of me

1882 08 14--allen david jones letter lizzie mcswain page 02

1882 08 14--allen david jones letter lizzie mcswain envelop front






When this you see think of me

Lizzie McSwain “Lillia” McSwain


David J Allen Esq

Norwood Stanly County Ark


Augus 19th as I did not send my

letter off I will write a little more.

Sisters little girl has been very ill

is some better to day Ma’s Rheuma

tism is some better also she

is at sisters now ma begins

to look tolerable old her hair is

gray, I canot think of any

thing to write I know this

letter will not interest you so I

will quiet

M. E McSwain

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sweet is the dream devinely sweet

when absent souls in fancy meet

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Think of me when far away

your afectionate cousin Lizzie McSwain


This is the back side of the yesterday’s post.  I believe M. E. Lizzie McSwain is Martha Elizabeth who was born in Arkansas in 1862.  She would be the first of M and Lucy’s children to be born there, the elder children being born in North Carolina.  I believe Lizzie later married Charles Kendall, also of North Carolina, and lived out her years in Jefferson County, Arkansas.  Whether she ever visited NC, I am not sure.

This post is part of a series of transcriptions of letters, papers, receipts, and other ephemera that are held in the Smith Family Collection.  All originals are held in this collection, unless otherwise stated.

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