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Love–52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

site This post is a part of 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge by Amy Johnson Crow at

While we’ll never know the whole story, we can pick up pieces through our research.

Sometimes we even find a treasure. I heard of Grandma’s love letters all my life. After she died, they were lost. Lost for over twenty years. About five years ago, my cousins found these letters in a barn at my great aunt’s house. As I post them, you’ll see that some are missing. But there’s still enough here to see the love and relationship grow between two people between January 1927 and March 1928.

In January 1927, Joseph Jones Smith was 23 years old. He was a farmer in Montgomery County, NC. Virginia Allen was 22 and a teacher was Center, Stanly County, NC. She taught in the Pee Dee, Montgomery County community in 1926-1927 and lived with the Gaston Smith family (a cousin of Joseph).

I first posted this in May, 2014 with no explanation.

letter from Virginia Allen to Joseph Smith, January 15, 1927

Mt. Gilead, N.C.

January 15, 1927

Dear Mr. Smith,

I received the message that you sent by Walter, and accept it with pleasure.

Please let me know what time you are coming.


Virginia Allen

Love is this week’s challenge. I thought (finally) beginning to post “Grandma’s love letters” would be quite fitting. Expect the next letter in March.

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