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lopid buy usa Dearest Virginia

I had been thinking about March the eleventh of last year all day yesterday but why I wrote that letter I forgot all about it. It dosent seem like that a year has passed since that nite, though a lot of things have happened since then.

Virginia that was the biggest surprise I ever had that nite. Do you remember how I poped the question out how you said yes. I didn’t think you cared a thing about me more than just been for company. You know on Tuesday nite, before that Friday nite I was oer there. Had a date with you ?? Wednesday nite but you told Anie Mae to tell me to come over Tuesday nite I ask you that nite why you changed the date and you said you just wanted some company. That made me think anybody’s company would do so you see I was considerably surprised when you said you would marry me I don’t from how I would have bele though if you had said no.


Have you ever  felt though if you had said no,

Have you ever felt just one tiny little bit regretted you said “yes” thought you at times wished you were free to hunt some one else for a husband? If I have ever wished I was not engaged it was because I was afraid you wouldn’t be satisfied to live with me. I am afraid now that you will soon tire of being married and wish you were single agai. I am going to do my best to make you happy. If I boil well I won’t blame you any if you decide to leave me and go back to mama


if you were ever to get dissatisifed I would want you to leave me. What I mean Virginia I want to see you happy no matter how much it hurts me. I love you so much Virginia I had rather die now than to marry and ? you finding out that I was not what you think I am.

I hope I haven’t ever been a hipprocritt trying to make you think I was something I wasent I suspect I have though. I hope I haven’t got you fooled in any way. You are to good a girl Virginia to marry a boy like me. You


deserve better than I can do for you. I better stop this before you begin to think I don’t want to marry which is not so. I am depending on it so much that I caint sleep good nites. Last night I dreamed you came by here with some boys. I ask you why you were riding around with boys like that and you said you won’t ever carry me anywhere and I intend to have a good time. You spoke just like  you didn’t care a snap what I thought about it of course I was glad when I woke up to find it wasent so.

I am awaiting the days now just eleven more or


not more than that ???

Virginia its impossible to keep a secret so why try. I told em all yesterday that we were getting married soon or in about a couple of weeks or less. Me mother said one time you were to fine a girl for me and she was afraid we wouldent get along together. She said if she don’t treat you good come back home I don’t want any of my children to marry and be mistreated so you had better be careful how you treat me Virginia! now of course she was just joking.

Do you know Herey Randalls.  Miss Herry I call him.  she passed some aweful nice compliments on you the other day.  He ask me if we were not biting to hitch up I said soon. hes told me anything about it and said he had knows you all your life and …….good girl and from the best family in stanly county. I said well Miss Herery yall know a girl like that wouldn’t marry me.

The clock is striking ten and I know you are getting tired of this foolishness.

Be good and write

love Joe

envelope Mount Gilead 10 am March 14 1928

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