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March 23, 1927 — Dear Joe

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Ţayyibat al Imām Norwood, NC

gen-casino-it Received your letter Saturday.

Serinyol Dear Joe,

I have just finished eating dinner, and decided to write you.

I am glad that you have been attending meeting. I have been going to hear Mr. Long at Albemarle some. I may add here that I am a better girl now than I was the last time you saw me. You may take what I told you about myself the opposite

Joe, I never have any trouble about reading your letters. Even if I did get the wrong impression from one of them. I always look foreward to mail time just to see if I get a letter from you. I don’t think I got but one letter from you that was written week before last now. You said you mailed two.

I think I saw your sister Daisy at meeting the other night. Dosen’t she have bobbed hair she favored you some. I’m not so sure it was her but believe so. I got a letter saying “My pictures wasen’t any good at all.” said, “they were as black as a negro.” guess I will have to try it over again some time.

Mother and I was gathering grapes and something stung her hand. It is hurting awful bad. Hasen’t stopped at all.

The radio has been so good for the past two Saturday nites. If you were her you could dance all you want too. For my [illegible] ever go to another dance.

I bet you are having a good time to day. I am lonesome. Mother turned off our boarders. I’m not sorry though. One of them tried to be very nice – guess you would call it – to me, but I gave him to understand that he was mistaken if he thought I cared for him. I told him “I had a very dear friend, but he diden’t come to see me very often, but I heard from him just the same.”

It is awful dusty here, wish it would rain.

Monday Morning

Company came in yesterday so I did not get to finish. This morning it has been raining so hard I could not go to the box. Poor excuses ar better than non as the old saying goes.

I went to hear Mr. Long preach again last nite. WIsh you could have heard him. The League is putting on a social down at Norwood Saturday nite.

They are going to the “Poor House” soon, not to stay I guess. Just to hold service.

My dear I can’t think of any thing to tell you except I am leaving Saturday about sun rise. Stills is going to carry me. I guess he will have some others to go along like usual but that is alright with me. He said we would go through Aberdeen.

Johnson, said “tell you how much I love you” that is impossible for words can’t express how much I really care for you. He dosen’t know who I am writing too.

Please write me a long letter for you know I will be lonesom and a letter from you will certanily cheer me up. My address will be,

Garland N.C.

c/o Mr. G. C. Coble

Remember not to mail any more letters to Norwood

Love from Va

This post is part of a series of transcriptions of letters, papers, receipts, and other ephemera that are held in the Smith Family Collection.  All originals are held in this collection, unless otherwise stated.

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