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I’m Heather and I’m from North Carolina.  I married a Jones from southern Virginia.  When I was younger, my mother gave me the genealogy bug.  I’ve toyed around with it for a few years, always interested in the past, but never getting past small road blocks.

After my mother passed in 2010, I’ve been trying to gather her historical records and am working to digitize her works, the photos, and do my own research into my own family’s past as well as my husband’s.

Although I’ve researched for a while now, I still consider myself a novice and have to remind myself to get all the facts and most importantly the sources.  Hence, one reason for this blog.  I can’t remember all the stories until I go back and take a look, reading through records and such.  I figure if I write about them, and get all that information into a post, it will help make my life easier and help someone chase their own past.

The other reason for this blog is for my family.  Hopefully, they will enjoy reading about their own history.

I’ve kicked this blog off with a challenge, 52 Ancestors 52 Weeks, and am excited about the chase!


  1. Donald W. Thayer Donald W. Thayer

    Heather, I just found your note on Amanuensis Monday in which Lee W Harris is mentioned. He is described as working for N.M. Thayer. N.M. Thayer was my grandfather, and I am searching for any information I can about him and especially his father Wyatt Nance Thayer. Though I have a great deal of information about Nereus, I did not have this link to Lee Harris. Perhaps we can help each other with our genealogy searches.

    • Hello there! I’m sorry it took me so long to get back with you. As you can see I’ve neglected this for a while. I would love to share information with you!

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