N is for Name

enter N is for Name.

Today’s relationship to the word is a bit random.  A bit of a stretch, as it were.  My great grandmother’s name was Alice Harris Harris.  Her middle name, according to my grandmother, was Virgillia.  Odd name, huh?  I’ve seen different people put Virginia in their ancestory files.  I used to always chalk that up to them simply not knowing.  But should I have?

My grandmother was 6 months old when her mother died.  My grandmother had to rely on what family told her.  At times, I wonder if Virgillia is what she heard when they actually said Virginia.  A child’s ears can hear different things.  However, my great-great-grandfather lived until my grandmother was nearing 30.  Surely he could school her on his daughter’s correct name.

There’s no death certificates or anything to give any credence to either spelling.  That reminds me..I need to really go through my bible collection.  I have Alice’s husband’s bible, perhaps there’s notation in there on the correct name.  I may even have another from that side of the family.  Until then, I feel I have no choice but to go with personal knowledge as my source.

Friday Faces from the Past

Here’s another before and after photo for Friday Faces from the Past.

This is the LeeRoy Harris Family.  The picture was taken before 1812, because Alice died in 1812.  Georgia was the youngest child and she was born in 1897.  I suppose she could be around 12.

Several folks in this picture will appear in an upcoming 52 Ancestors post.  For the time being, a few facts.

In the center are LeeRoy Harris and his 2nd wife Nancy Elizabeth Russell.

LeeRoy’s daughter Alice is standing in the middle back.  She is my great-grandmother.  She died when my grandmother, Racie, was 6 months old.  Front left we find William Christopher Harris, Alice’s husband and Racie’s father.

Interestingly, I didn’t notice the writing in the upper portion of the photo until I was repairing it.  I think it says May G.

LeeRoy Harris Family--Before

Harris, LeeRoy and family
before 1912

LeeRoy Harris Family--After

Harris, Lee Roy and family
before 1912