March 15, 1882

1882 03 15

Registry Treceipt

Post Office at  can you order acyclovir online Norwood, NC

Registered Letter No   go to site 48 Rec’d Mar 15, 1882

of  D.J. Allen

addressed to Southern Methodist Pub House

Nashville TN

P.W. Melton PM


This post is part of a series of transcriptions of letters, papers, receipts, and other ephemera that are held in the Smith Family Collection.  All originals are held in this collection, unless otherwise stated.

November 24, 1881

1881 11 24

Registry Receipt

Post Office at Norwood, NC

Registered Letter No 24, Rec’d Nov 24, 1881

of D. J. Allen

addressed to International Committee

New York, NY

PW Melton, PM


I am unsure of whether the International Committee is of the Young Christian Men’s Association, the Red Cross, or what.  I haven’t been able to find out anything definitive.