Treasure Chest Thursday

buy valtrex over the counter For the next year, or more, you’ll see my latest family treasure discovery.  All of my life I’d heard about these ‘love letters’ that were sent between my great-grandparents in the late twenties.  She was a teacher.  I’d never actually seen these letters.  I’m not sure how long my aunt had the actual letters, whether it was when my great-grandmother died or before that.  A couple of weekends ago, my cousins found not only these letters but a whole trove of other treasures.

neurontin 300 mg high You’ve seen a few snippets in the past few week.  The letter, the “Reward of Merit”, etc.  I don’t have it all organized yet and haven’t figured out how to proceed.  I have a healthy stack of letters between my great-grandparents, some letters to my 2nd great-grandmother, a lot of receipts from my 2nd great-grandfather, both personal and where he was justice of the peace and paid fines on behalf of others, as well as samples of his own handwriting.

For now, I’ll continue to post snippets for which the date doesn’t matter so much.  Miscellaneous items which really have no other place.  I hope by next week to be able to start with something.

What you see is about half of the entire collection of papers and artifacts.  The papers have been digitized, but it remains largely unorganized.  What a task!

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